A mountain rescue theme based cartoon work "Mountain Minna no yama" decided to be a live-action movie

Manga works by Shinichi Ishizuka, serialized in Shogakkan's "Big Comic Original"Mountains everyone's mountain ("Takeake" in a book)It was decided to be a live-action movie.

Although the theme of the harsh "mountain rescue" is not always necessarily helpful to the victim, it is the same work that appeals mountains' appeal to readers through the work, but what kind of video work would you like to be?

Details are as below.
Shogakkan Comics - Big Three Net - [Big Comic Original]

According to the official page of the Shogakukan, it is said that "Mountains everyone's mountain" that will be serialized 100 times at "Big Comic Original New Year 2 (January 20, 2010 issue) released today will be made into live action movies . It is said that the release time to worry will be in 2011, casts such as directors and actors have not been announced yet.

As of January 4, 2010, the book of the same work has been released until the 10th collection, so you can try the first episode by following link.

Shogakkan Comics - Big Three Net - [Big Comic Original: Mountain - Everyone's Mountain -]

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