Vatican publishes confidential documents, letters from Pope to Hitler and a letter of demand from Michelangelo

The Holy Office's secret document storehouseVatican Secret Archives) In the 17th centuryVatican LibraryIt is independent from old documents, and a large amount of documents dating back more than 1000 years ago are kept. Initially, only a limited number of people within the Papacy had access to these secret documents, but in 1881Leo XIIIIt is open to general researchers by the researchers outside the Vatican about 1000 people a year today.

A copy of 105 secret documents out of that secret document was published as a book for the first time, and in the 13 th centuryGenghis KhanGrandchildGuukuA letter seeking obedience to the Pope, the Queen of Scotland in the 16th centuryMaryPetition,St. Peter's Basilica(The photo above)MichelangeloIt is said that letters and letters to prompt the Papacy to pay payment are also included.

Details are as below.Vatican reveals Secret Archives - Telegraph

Vatican Secret Archives

Inside the secret document store. The total extension of the shelf seems to be as much as 84 km. Like many of the buildings in the Vatican, each room is decorated with murals and ceiling paintings. The bust of Augustin Theiner, who served as Secretary of Secret Archives from 1855 to 1870, is in front.

On the official websiteVirtual tourYou can also see details of frescoes in the.

The book "Vatican Secret Archives" published this time contains a precise copy of 105 secret documents including the first public release 19 seems to be out of stock now,Amazon.comIt seems that it is sold for about $ 100 (about 9,000 yen).

Among the books are interactions between the Roman Catholic Church and scientists, artists, historical figures and diplomatic relations with the outside of the Christianity sphere. In addition to the record of Galileo's Inquisition,ErasmusYaVoltaireInteraction with a philosopher, such as 14 years oldMozartI marveled at the talent ofClemens XIVBy the Golden Spur Medal (Order of the Golden SpurIt is said that records such as when the award was given are also included.

A part of confidential documentSecret document cabinet home pageBut it is open to the public.

Genghis Khan's grandsonGuukuIn 1246 the popeInnocentius IVA letter addressed to. In the reply to the letter from the previous Pope, it is said that Guuyuku is not willing to convert to Christianity, until the Pope himself and the Christian "king" traveled to Guuyuku's base in Central Asia and pledged allegiance , The Mongol empire has declared that the Vatican as an enemy. The preface of the letter is written in Turkish, the body is in Persian, and the date is written in Arabic.

I spoke the Giant RebellionGalileo GalileiOn December 17, 1633 after the conviction was receivedFrancesco BarberiniA handmade letter sent to me. Francesco Barberini was one out of three who did not sign a judgment sentence guilty of 10 judges in charge of the case, and Barberini 's intervention received a letter that Galileo' s sentence was commuted to innocence from innate sentence to arrest .

In January 1550MichelangeloButCesenaAuthor's letter to Bishop Cristoforo Spiriti. Michelangelo in 1547Paul IIIBySt. Peter's Basilica(Extension and renovation work including the main dome), but after the death of Paulus III in November 1549, the business faced an economic crisis. In a letter to Cristoforo Spiriti who was a patron and friend, Michelangelo said, "After the death of Paulus, soldiers guarding construction sites have been unpaid over three months and are in danger of life and are in security, We are threatening to abandon work unless a salary is paid, which will cause a lot of damage to construction projects, but I do not have any money to pay them. "

In the book published this time in 1530Clemens VIIIt was devoted toHenry VIIIWhenCatherine of AragonSuch as letters pleading to accept divorce of the Ontario state, as well as historically important and famous things such as the Ontario IndianOjibowaTribe in 1887Leo XIIIInteresting things such as letters sent to us are also picked up. This letter from the Owjiwa is a very poetic one written on the birch skin, the date is "Moon of the flowers" (May), it is devoted to "the guerin of great prayer" (Pope), " It is said that I am thankful for dispatching a mentor of prayers.

Also in a relatively recent document in 1934Pius XIA number of letters addressed to Adolf Hitler and criticism of dealing with Jewish persecution by the Nazi who is the successor of Pius XI and during the warPius XIIButEmperor ShowaIt seems to include letters and so forth received from them, so it may be interesting for Japanese people as well.

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