A dog helps with helping a boy attacked by puma

In Boston Bar, British Columbia, Canada,PumaThere seems to be a case that an 11 - year - old boy strikes.

Considering that large male males are big carnivorous animals that weigh up to 100 kg in a large individual, it is easy to imagine that the life of the boy was dangerous, but it is easy to imagine that the life of the boy was dangerous but, Thing.

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CBC News - British Columbia - Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

An 11 - year - old boy living in the Boston Bar in Canada, Austin Forman said he was collecting firewood in his backyard at around 5 pm. His golden retriever Angel also appeared from the firewood hut and followed him.

Angel who was aware of the anomaly suddenly ran towards Austin, jumped over the lawn mower in the backyard. It seems there was a puma on the far side and Austin was able to escape into the house while Angel earned time.

Mother who heard circumstances from Austin who escaped into the house instantly informed rescue. When the rescue team rushed, Puma was shot dead by a crew member because he was hitting Angel 's neck at the porch behind the house.

Puma shot dead

According to Austin, he said that he was the first time to see Puma in the backyard, and about Angel who helped himself to show himself, "I thought Angel was my best friend until now, but my best friend It is like a protector who has crossed over. "

By the way, Angel suffered injuries on his head, neck and back leg but there is no other thing in life, Austin said he was unhurt.

Austin saved you Angel

The location of Boston Bar is around here. You can see that there are plenty of nature away from urban areas.

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