If Chile also pile up, it will become a mountain, Art created by collecting dust

Dust is inevitable in everyday life, art is also inevitable (for the author), it is a dust art. Just by being piled up, it is transformed into what has meaning by giving shape to dust which is only a disturbing existence.

Details are as below.
Incredible sculptures made with dust | Metro.co.uk

"MOTH-ER". It is made only of dust generated at home.

"Being and Nothingness" which uses cotton and insect carcass besides dust.

A suitcase packed with some form of dust. "Carrier".

"A spider". Fluffy feeling is well expressed.

Paul Hazelton, a British artist who produced the above works. It seems to gather dust from the edges of furniture and windows without using a vacuum cleaner, moisten it, shape it, then carefully dry it to complete the work.

Other works by Paul can be seen from the following link.
Paul Hazelton :: Saatchi Online - Show your art to the world

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