Movie overtaking China 's ultra high speed railroad' Harmony 'movies overtake movies

China's super high-speed rail which is the Japanese bullet train "Japanese harmonyIt is a ridiculous movie that the car that blows up overtakes.

It is a content that can be made hyperactive as it is traveling tremendously while overtaking the other cars on the road which seems to be a highway.

Details are as below.
This is the movie. You can see Japanese hierarchy in the distance.
Shima 48 seconds crazy Transcendental Words column _ 网易 新 新 中心

Japanese hierarchy gradually comes closer.

Finally I started to catch up.

I will not get tired of just catching up, it will take overtaking the top car.

It was just one step behind the first car. The car is shaking violently.

I aligned with the top car. There is no such thing as virtue of obsession.

The movie is over at the point where she pulled out.

By the way, according to the Chinese net users who saw this video, since the fact that Beijing which is the end point of the haiku was written on the road sign on the way, the haiku is not the maximum speed, but the speed towards the end point It is speculated that it was possible to overtake by the car because it dropped it.

Even if you are slowing down, it is a very high-risk act that you are blowing up on the expressway at this speed. In Japan, there is a section where the Shinkansen and the expressway run side by side, but be sure to pay attention to safe driving.

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