How to traverse Vietnamese road without pedestrian signals

The center of transportation in Vietnam is motorcycle, not car. This is because automobiles are expensive, there are circumstances that it is difficult for ordinary citizens to hand out. Conversely, many people are riding motorcycles, and the road at commuting rush is outrageous.

There was a movie of a man who challenged how to cross that intense traffic.

B dub vietnam - YouTube

A man standing at the end of the pedestrian crossing. While looking at the flow of the motorcycle and the car, we will move forward with a small stride.

I came up to the first white line. The motorcycle will thrust in without pedestrians, but here there is no signal because there is no signal.

Eventually the bike also runs between men and the sidewalk. I can not go back anymore.

In such a condition that it seems that men's appearance is no longer a collage ... ....

It is like a scene like an action game scene, but nothing is a joke if it hits you, it is really a game over.

The flow of the motorcycle broke a little. This is a chance.

Succeeding to be able to cross over at once with this.

I realize the appreciation of the signal being maintained ...

2011/07/21 11:11 Addendum
According to the information from the reader, it actually seems to be "Easier than it looks because it skillfully avoids on the bike side."

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