A house that the outside wall slides like a caramel's box tasty many times at one building

As it is said that the house is "lifetime shopping", it is difficult to make fine adjustments once it is built, but it seems that there is an interesting structure house where you can change the appearance and sunshine amount to some extent freely by sliding the outer wall. The movie of the house which changes its appearance and giving impression depending on the position of the wall is indeed a surprise.

Details are below.
Sliding House by dRMM Architects

(PDF file)Sliding house.pdf

This house is in eastern EnglandSuffolkIt was built in.

What will it be like, when the exterior wall moves like a caramel's box, an annexed glass building appeared.

Depending on where you stop the outer wall, the functions of the house will change in various ways.

In the future we plan to make a pool in the front yard, so it seems that the outer wall can be moved to a considerable place.

YouTube - Wallpaper * 'Sliding House'

Drive with four motors embedded in the wall.

Move along the top of the rail.

The space between the main building and the annex building becomes the courtyard when the outer wall is closed.

It is a disadvantage that sliding-type houses need long land in front and back, but it is also an interesting idea not only from the aesthetic appearance but also functional aspects such as adjustment of indoor temperature.

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