Lay me up to supplementary seats, screening started in Laputa Asagaya "Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of the Millennium" Late Show Report

"Mai Mai Shinko and Million of a MillenniumEven if you listen to the title, there may be many people who do not come with pins. Screening started in theaters nationwide from Saturday, November 21, but the schedule has been steadily stepped down as the result of the show in the first week was not so good, and now it is more difficult to find the theater being screened About Even during the screening period, I was sorry to the extent that it was forced to be shown in the morning at one theaters in many theaters, and I could not go to see it because I liked it.

To overcome this, as a result of desperate activities by coaches,8 day limited late show from December 19 (Saturday) to December 26 (Saturday) at Laputa AsagayaIt was decided to be done. Since I was told that there was a greeting every day in the officials, I thought that something interesting story might pop out and went to Asagaya.

Details are as below.
The original of the movie is a novel "Mai Mai Shinko" written by Nobuko Takki, a novelist born in Hofu city in Yamaguchi Prefecture, modeling on her own girlhood. "Croissant」Was serialized from 2003 to 2004, the creation of movies began around 2008 and the panel exhibition was held at the 2009 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

"Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of the Millennium" planned for animation movies in 2009, panel display at the avex booth

A girl named Aiki Shinko who has a forehead in her forehead gets taught from her grandfather that his country of residence has a history since 1000 years ago and imagines the situation at that time at the head. One day, a transfer student from Tokyo and Rikiko Shimazu comes up. In the countryside where the wheat field spreads past the main street, Iko who grew up in the city is not easily familiar, but it gradually gets better friends through exchange with Shinkaku.

Shinkaku and Kimiko will be playing with classmates Shigel and Hitoshi, senior student Tatsuyoshi, Noboru, Shinko's sister / Mitsuko, and adventure here and there.

At one point, all those who found a goldfish with a "redhead than the sunset" gold fish named "Hibushi" from the school's longing teacher's name, and gathered at the place where other friends are sprinkling Although it was ....

Aoki's new child role played was the drama "Queen's Classroom" and a young actress active in the movieMayuko FukudaMr. According to Mr. Kobuchi, it seems that he planned to play Mr. Fukuda from the beginning. In addition, Yo Jun awarded "Grand Prix GP" Grand Prix of Young Jump in 2007Nagisa MizusawaMr. She is a mother of Shinko, who has a child but can not escape the atmosphere like a school girl somewhere is an actressNorimi HonmaMr. Princess Shinzo who came to the defense country 1000 years ago that Shinkaku imagines in fantasy breaks at the live-action version "Chibi Maruko chan" Maru child (first generation), and a movie released on December 23Yoyaya penguinHe plays the leading character 's cocoYoshiaki MorimasaMr.

This time, we conducted late show screening in response to the enthusiasm of directorsLaputa AsagayaIt is such a place.

It is about 5 minutes on foot from Asagaya Station, like a movie theater like a secret base. In addition to the movie theater, theaters "The Zamza" for theater and "Yamanuki restaurant" restaurant are installed.

Even this movie promotion leaflet is precious now.

This is for Laputa Asagaya.

From 10:15, tickets with a numbered number were on sale. Somehow, some people purchased side by side from the morning, it seems that all 66 seats including auxiliary seats are sold out in about evening.

A visitor gift is a special art card. Originally only cards were scheduled to be distributed so on the making blog "If you can bring something like a clear file if you can, it may be convenient for takeawayAlthough it was written as "Hofu City Cultural Property Regional MuseumHe sent me a clear file distributed only in Hofu city.

This is a special clear file. From the 20thYou can attach a clear file of the same newborn and Kiyoshi pattern as the poster... apparently ...

The art card was made by rotating the printer of Mad House in full. The design seems to change daily.

At the greetings after the screening, Director Kobuchi explains why he made it, "There are many strange stories about children's literature that I was reading when I was a child, I wanted to make something like that." Regarding the screening circumstances "I got mad when I tried to go to see from an acquaintance who purchased an advance ticket but I was only being in the morning and I could not watch it." "To watch Mai Mai New child in a weekday theater" I thought that a salaryman in the form was coming and promoting the delinquency of adults and I thought this was not good, "said the schedule has been steadily increased as the screening of the first week of the screening was not so good It was. In this laputa's late show, as mentioned above, the theater was full and there were about 50 guests who went home without having to buy the tickets so that the work will be restarted with Laputa's screening , The producers and others wanted to try hard.
Producer said that "I do not have screenings in the districts where I live" too, so it was said that "I can not go to the late show in Asagaya, but I want to see it in the nearby movie theater!" People may reach with a voice.

As the signature of the surviving scene continues, please also here.

"Mai Mai New child and the magic of a thousand years" Surviving the survival! - signature activity "signature TV"

In addition to Laputa, the movie theater currently being screened isMOVIX Shunan,Warner · Mycal · Cinemas Hofu,Yamaguchi Scala(End of 22 days). From December 26 (Saturday)Forum Nasushiobara,Yamagata Forum,Iwakuni New Central,Shimonoseki Scala Theater Zero,Hagi Twin CinemaScreening started with. Furthermore, from January 9 (Friday) of the beginning of the yearMOVIX Shimizu,MOVIX Rewards,Fukushima Forum,MOVIX Kurashiki,MOVIX Hioshizu,Cinema Sunshine Odori RoadAs the screening starts, someone in the movie theater will visit nearby.

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