Over 20,000 songs can be singed for a period of time, an application for iPhone / iPod touch "Karaoke JOYSOUND" appears

KaraokeJOYSOUNDReleased iPhone / iPod touch application "Karaoke JOYSOUND". There are many other karaoke apps, but "Karaoke JOYSOUND" is sometimes provided by Exinge who runs JOYSOUND, so it seems that over 20,000 songs, including the latest hits, will be unlimited singing.

The fee structure is that applications containing five songs are free, and for other songs it can be used for 230 days at 230 yen.
IPhone / iPod touch: Karaoke JOYSOUND | JOYSOUND.com

The main screen looks something like this.

Artist list

Song list

5 songs that you have tried

The karaoke screen looks something like this

Various setting possible

The application is free of charge with 5 songs, and for other songs it is all-you-can-eat with 230 yen for 30 days. The total number of songs is over 20,000 songs, and 250 new songs are scheduled to be added each week with new and old music.

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