A single image representing a serious problem caused by obesity

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As obesity becomes the source of various diseases and presses on the budget for health and welfare, a specific health examination system was introduced in April 2008 in Japan, so-called "metabolic syndromeMeasures are being taken at the national level.

Meanwhile, in a service industry, "It is difficult to respond to customers with obesity", and the behavior of employees who sent a photograph on reception to their boss is discussing on the net.

Details are below.
Passenger creates big debate at American - I mean big! - Unusual Attitude

Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken - Telegraph

This is an image posted on the blog of the site "Flightglobal" dealing with topics on civil aviation companies. From the authorAmerican AirlinesIt is said that the possibility of the processed image is low because the shape of the airframe and the sheet match.

The aisle is almost completely blocked.

Airlines prepare extensions for extending the safety belt and prepare for large passengers in the waist circumference. Employees of American Airlines who posted this image said "It will be difficult to respond in case of emergency," He expressed dissatisfaction with other staff who allowed passengers to board. He said he submitted the same picture to his boss.

This articleDiscussions on correspondence of airlines such as "Is it possible to move smoothly in case of emergency evacuation?" "Rather recent seat is too narrow" etc. are occurring in various places including the comment section of the airport.

American Airlines, the British newspaperDaily Telegraph"We do not know whether the image is genuine or not, but we do an internal investigation and check whether the safety standards are complied.We are thinking first of all the safety and satisfaction of the passengers, such passengers We are asking that we reserve seats for two people, but we are accepting free changes unless the flight we boarded is full. " By the way,Southwest aviation known for its unique customer serviceShe obliged passengers with excessive obesity to book seats for two people, and said that if the flight is not full, one person is refunded.

Starting with strict checking of belongings such as checking up into the shoes, it is true that aircraft, which is a vehicle involving a lot of safety, has a part that is inevitable even if the passenger's rights are partially restricted. How to satisfy both the satisfaction and safety of each customer is said to be an eternal task.

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