Movie of rotating plaything reborn as a play tool of hell in the hands of Russians

Of parks and amusement parksRotating playthingSpeaking of it, it is a fun plaything you can enjoy even people who do not like screaming machines, but it has become considerably extreme by Russians. Why on earth do we need the challenge so far?

Details are below.
Connect the rope behind the car. I'm feeling sick at this point already.

YouTube - Extreme Merry-go-round Testing (Russian Style)

The rope was tied to the shaft of the rotary play equipment. Is it to rotate playground equipment like a frame?

At first I thought whether to turn slowly but suddenly opened thoroughly. I got into the giant swing state.

Just Extreme · Coffee Cup.

And stop.

It is Hula.

I can not read why it has been fully opened, but maybe there is a stoic idea of ​​"turning to the limit what I can turn".

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