Various videos of placing a message in Morgan Lilly or Time Capsule that greets at the movie '2012' event

By Sony Pictures Entertainment Distribution on Saturday, November 21, the Marunouchi Rubles and other road shows are decided nationwide, Roland Emmerich's latest work "2012". It was held last night."2012" Japan Premier EventIn addition to Emmerich director and main cast, there were several presenters such as Kinichi Hagimoto and it was a gorgeous event.

Among them, I introduce the place where time capsule appears before Mr. Hagimoto and others, and the place where Morgan Lilly will appear and greet you.
Time capsule burned up in front of Mr. Kinichi Hagimoto, Mr. Kanda, Mr. Ehara Hiroyuki, Ueno Yukiko.
Movie "2012" Japan Premier 1

The state of the subsequent photo session.
YouTube - Movie "2012" Japan Premier 2

Morgan Lilly to appear and greet you.
YouTube - Movie "2012" Japan Premier 3

"2012" cast all together before time capsule.
YouTube - Movie "2012" Japan Premier 4

Photo session by Cast staff and Kinichi Hagimoto coming to Japan.
YouTube - Movie "2012" Japan Premier 5

Finally, the time capsule disappeared into the smoke.
YouTube - Movie "2012" Japan Premier 6

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