Headline news on November 10, 2009

todayNintendo filed a lawsuit against the Tokyo District Court seeking injunction and damages for importing and selling acts based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Law against merchants that sell MagiconeWe announced that. Despite similar measures to be taken on October 5, the sales of Majicon has been postponed even after filing a complaint, which means that we have to resign again.

Although "Majikon vending machines" appear in Nihonbashi, the state where the sales of marcons are still unabated continuesIs it possible to put an end to such a weasel game?

So, tomorrowNov. 11. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on November 11th one year ago.

What kind of reaction does a man have when a man and a woman are hugging - GIGAZINE

Yokohama City Totsuka Ward has an innovative mascot character appeared - GIGAZINE

Beyond trillion, to "Kyo", 1 dollar broke through 2 Kyo Zimbabwe dollar - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Learning from hip hop Nichiren - complete guru manual(Religion, episodes are not real story but true)

To "Construction of Port" on Okinotorishima Counter against Chinese "Rock" claim (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Politics, "Rock" can not set exclusive economic zones)

ASCII.jp: Inauguration Visio Theater as well! New Project and Visio will be announced(Software, "Microsoft Project 2010" and "Visio 2010" were announced)

Miracle Train - Character -(Animation, distribution of self-introduction voice started, the first bullet is Roppongi history (KENN) and Amimi both countries (Seiichi Morita))

Kenichiro Mogi, income less than 400 million declared ... royalty and performance fee etc: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Tax has been sought to be declared by the tax office in the past)

SUMMER BIRD to join the Japan Cup Dart: Overseas horse race(Horse racing, a horse with one of the most powerful even the current 3 - year - old horses nationwide who crowded one of the three crowns of the United States came to Japan)

Mr. Kishin Shinoyama: Nude shooting suspected public in public places Searching - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(It seems that you took a picture in Odaiba or Aoyama cemetery etc.)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Ichibashi suspects to prepare for escape overseas or apply for a passport to the room book - Society(Incidents, English conversation practice books, etc. are also found)

Banned 360 users threaten MS's Xbox LIVE director by phone - Game * Spark(Games against the fact that the user remodeling Xbox itself was Ban (exiled) from Xbox LIVE)

South Korea and North Korean navy gunfight at Yellow Sea, United Alliance News International News: AFPBB News(There were no injured in the overseas and South Korea side, the North Korean security boat was destroyed halfway back.)

Painful news (No ∀ `): If you put a space after" husband "on Google search ...(It's a bit scary to see the difference from the phrase "neta" "he")

Distributed Kihon for internet relaying: Let's relay using Web camera and video camera at the 3rd Ustream.tv | gihyo.jp ... technical commentary(Net service, video input method summary)

Pixive encyclopedia [pixpedia (Pikemedia)](Net service, commentary on tag of pixiv etc. are summarized)

"Yorodachi" at the National Cultural Festival PR Okayama on Yuru Character Streetcar - MSN Sankei News(Culture, Yuru kyara wrapping train appeared for the National Cultural Festival to be held next year)

Success with fully functional culture penis, rabbit | WIRED VISION(Science, until now erection did not occur in the transplant experiment after culturing a part of the corpus cavernosum, but this time successfully cultured the whole spongy body)

Naze of "Katsuma Kazuyo boom"? | Featured article of this year | Recommendation magazine that creates new Japan Voice + Voice Plus(People pointed out that the "Katsuma Kazuyo" boom, which has become a topic so that corners can be found in bookstores, looks like a kind of emerging religion)

Makoto Biz.ID: Go to the training! : Checklist to finish in minutes to "usable minutes" in 1 minute(Work, summarize what kind of discussion was made to become a material that can be used in the future)

Girl Pictures Blog Male character to female character Inverted image(Neta, Saint Seiya's Golden Holy Warriors are spectacular)

Shive career advancement to stick! "Unnecessary words, female employee's tugret, rumor stories" (President) - Yahoo! News(It is better for you to pay attention to your behavior from the usual as you may have notes in your roots before you know it)

The Palace of Himikoshi, a building trace in Nara Yamatai Kingi theory, pushing back - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)(It is a powerful historical material that boosts cultural and Kinouchi theory and it may have a big influence on the controversy of the location which continues with Kyushu)

2012 anniversary of the destruction of the earth "fake up", NASA announces an unusual statement International News: AFPBB News(According to science, NASA it seems that the earth will not perish for another 4 billion years)

Stephen Tyler's withdrawal was true - Aerosmith wanted vocals | Entertainment | My comical journal(Music, for some time there was a rumor, but guitarist Joe Perry turned into conviction by recruiting new vocalists on his Twitter)

How to store brains of "Harvard University Brain Bank" where more than 7000 brains are gathering from all over the world: How to preserve the birth place Calendar: Calpire(Science, shocking movies need attention because there are movies)

Reasons why Japanese electric machinery was perfectly defeated by Korean players: Nikkei Business Online(Opinions that economic and Korean forces are leading to high market share as they are developing products by preparing a large number of solutions for local people to accept)

Softbank Mobile: A new family of the Shirato family 'Tara-chan' Appears by Tarantino - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, calling "Tara", another character comes to mind)

Rumor of the low price iPhone 3GS of "99 GB at 99 GB" - ITmedia Enterprise(Mobile, "Pocket monster = experience game of animal abuse and surrogate war" etc.)

"Does everyone wear?" School Swimwear Men's appearance ... Saitama: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, a man wore only a dark school swimsuit, she was bundling long hair at the back)

Influenza on climate change ... Wake to increase "hand-ruffled" in November - Tokyo Walker(Health, it seems that Tokyo has dried out in the past ten years)

"Suzutetsu" Koji Maba produces pudding and shoes with fullness - Tokyo Walker(Food and sweets like sweets are "delicious and easy to produce" theme)

"Soft cream hard to dissolve" "Mortal repellent seal" ... This is from the region "hat shoots"! - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Note, "Cornet" which puts a soft cream on fried bread that is popular in Shizuoka)

70% disagree with Noriko Sakai's return to the entertainment world - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com(Entertainment, strict opinion on caretaker turning also)

What is scary of women? On the contrary, what is the moment when thinking "women are scary"? "Female" × "Afraid" announces a wonder questionnaire! | Trend News | Deliver daily information on topics and topics!(Memo, what women are most afraid of about familiar crimes and the future)

Nintendo's Game Boy enters "Toy Hall of Fame" - ITmedia News(Awarded with suppression of notes, paper plane, Rubik cube, cards etc)

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