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Tokyo Game ShowIt will become the first premium ticket "TGS 2009 SUPPORTERS CLUB (TGS 2009 Supporters Club)It seems that details of 'was decided.

Tickets will be released on the 26th (Saturday) entertainment day and 27th (Sunday) entry day on the public release date, each with limited number of tickets, as well as giving T-shirts and pin badges of original design TGS Official Goods as well as morning opening A preferential entry service for a certain period of time will be added from.

The price is 3000 yen (including tax), and it will be sold from TGS official website · online ticket and Lawson ticket (L code: 34444) from July 15. Because a harsh matrix is ​​deployed every year, I think that there is no loss by buying a person who is going to go if considering the preferential entry can be done.

So, tomorrowJuly 10. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 10th one year ago.

Unusual products using bacon - GIGAZINE

State of terrorism training training in China for the Olympic Games - GIGAZINE

A surfer riding a wave in front of the Kilauea volcano - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Western newspapers are already dead: Nikkei Business Online(The fact that news websites of media, Western newspaper companies are very substantial are facts as well)

Livedoor News - The Managing Crisis Theory in Sankei Shimbun Mercifully in the company, with the implementation of large-scale restructuring(Operating income showing media profit of profit of core business dropped 75.5% to 700 million yen, ordinary profit fell 93.1% to 200 million yen, Tokyo headquarters edition sales number is 830 thousand copies, but push paper etc. There seems to be some view that it is actually less than 500,000 copies)

Criticism of the survival of B-CAS surviving, terrestrial digital viewing monopoly (1) | Industry / Industry | Oriental Economy of Investment · Economy · Business Online(Television, private enterprise "B-CAS" company with 17 employees fell into the deficit in the fiscal year ended March 2009)

Not only successful but also fails Wake that the US marketer is progressing: MarkeZine (Marketzin)(Work, difference between the US and Japan marketing industry)

U.S. Government confirmed cyber attack damage Damage attack source is unknown International News: AFPBB News(International, White House · US Department of State · Department of Defense etc. sites were attacked)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Secrets of 'Twitter' to explore from interviews - Saito · Nishida's digital trend check · digital(About net, communication with 140 letters)

Advance of Twitter ceased!? - Analyze factors of slowdown - japan.internet.com Web business(IT, considering the reason for slowing down)

How important is OS OS: Why "Chrome OS" is important (and why it is not important) - ITmedia Enterprise(IT, each 5 reasons are presented for each)

Dear Sirs, Eric Schmidt - "It seems time has come for retirement soon.": News - CNET Japan(IT, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt told Apple that "it is impossible" to mention that it is also a crackdown)

Tokyo, Osaka ranked second in the world with the highest cost of living in the world = Survey | Speech of the world | Reuters(The influence of the economy and the appreciation of the yen is virtually.Johannesburg)

Did you know that the world's largest "moneylender" is Japan? | R25(Economy, 519 trillion 179 billion yen loan not returning so easily)

【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · '): 【yen appreciation】 Temporary 1 dollar rose to 91 yen level temporarily and the market situation board panicked! It is! It is! It is! It is!(Economic, panic record)

Condition to develop "genotype liable to drug abuse etc." | WIRED VISION(Genetic, risk of substance abuse based on individual genotype)

Finally succeeded in making sperm with ES cells \ (^ o ^) / Man Owata: Alfalfa mosaic(Science, men's unnecessary announcement)

Discovery of supernovae 11 billion years ago Observation The oldest international news in history History: AFPBB News(Science, the oldest supernova ever was about 6 billion years ago)

78 turtles enter the runway at JFK International Airport, delayed in flight | The world's speech | Reuters(Animals, I came up from the waterKis-tortoise)

Badger who ate ripe cherries, drunk on the road | spillover of the world | Reuters(It seems that animals, human beings have found alcohol in similar circumstances)

Can the House "bureaucracy" cabinet system be changed: Nikkei Business Online(Politics, comments "People who say things that are easy to understand are not respected in Japan")

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Nonpartiselly turning around ... Yuka characters also appeared City Government candidates rush out - Politics(Appeal with that handsome such as politics, costume and yukata)

I told Horyemon! "Recommend the formation of a new party" to Governor Togawa Han: Society: sports broadcast(Interview, Horiemon seems to be planning to form a new party if it challenges next national policy)

【Insurance Review Week】 Insurance Review, Watch Out for Marriage, How to Subscribe | Life | My Communication Journal(The first timing to check insurance and insurance when married)

【Uighur riot】 "We are reporters" "Kill" People's Daily reporter will be attacked - MSN Sankei News(It seems that the incident, the reporters of the People's Daily were attacked by over 100 mobs)

Falling in the chocolate and dying, in the factory of NJ State | Global speech | Reuters(It seems to be the direct cause that you bumped into a device that stirs chocolate)

Chairman's side, seek rejection: Miyagi: Region: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(The trial, "submit a written answer for requesting dismissal by saying" It is bullied, just being a gangstone, being absurd to be said to go out ")

Celebrity who thinks "educational enthusiasm", 1st place is Jaguar Yokota and Mrs. Wunfumi survey - Ichigaya economic newspaper(Education, Mr. Hiroki Sato for the first male of a celebrity who wants to be a teacher of his / her child's kindergarten / nursery school ", Becky the 1st place of women)

Popular with Iwate's loose character "Wanko Syoui", i-mode "Kisekae Tool" - Morioka Economic Newspaper(Mobile, not "dog, not" Wanko "" Wanko ")

A site to learn more about Kyoto that I want to know before Kyoto sightseeing Conclusion - Hatena bookmark news(Tourism, 16th this month is the Gion Festival 'Toyama' so prepare for that)

Reproduction of "Milky Way" in Okawa flowing through Osaka city - LED release event - Umeda economic newspaper(Events held in society, Tanabata)

I wonder what this is. . . Cosplayers who are too hard Coupled Years 25 Chaplains, who are you ...(Cosplay, a lot of people who are fairly enthusiastic)

Everyday YOUGI: Only "Mukuro" can be done here !! "Vanguard Princess" that shook the indies game world? - ITmedia Gamez(In the game, GIGAZINE also introduced before "Vanguard Princess"about)

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Bulletin Dragon Quest 9 is forecast to be the best sales ever(Game, Dragon Quest 8 or more sales are almost certainly momentum)

Hachimama draft - Jareko employee comes down to the 2 Gechan's Geha board and makes contact with the famous Kotehan 'Mako 8'(game,Jareko Rehabilitation ProjectJALECO 's business contacts Mako 8 "fixed name" 2ch Geha board who got first place by the organization vote in the monster vote of "

4Gamer.net - Small room of the indies game: Room # 95 "Vanguard Princess"(Games, striking and changing, here "I'm excited about" miniskirt fluttering and flickering, what it means "to see" it)

Hachimama Producer - "Hatsune Miku ~ Project DIVA ~" Miku's motion seems to have been done by a 13-year old girl(Reason for the mystery to feel "something like Rori sometimes from game, Miku's motion)

Miku FES '09 (summer) Long-awaited summer live Finally liberated(Event at a live house in Shinkiba, Tokyo on August 31, which is 2nd anniversary from the release of Subcal, "Hatsune Miku")

"Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" I thought of being able to do today too Internal information(Anime, source unknown)

Business Media Makoto: Hayao Miyazaki was a writer and I was not a writer - Yoshiyuki Tomino talks about animation (Part 1) (1/3)(Lecture by Mr. Yoshiyuki Tomino Known as an anime, director of "Mobile Suit Gundam")

"Gundam Expo" in August Short film of Director Tomino and Limited Gundam also - ITmedia News(Screening of short film "Ring of Gundam" produced by animation, Director Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Memory card with military commanders international international news: AFPBB News(Gadget, "Sengoku Maid Cafe"Sengoku warrior boom boom that is also increasingly successful)

Bishoujo Character Print Keyboard - Bikini Girl on the Surface - Akiba Keizai Shimbun(I think that it is still better if gadget, unmarked seal)

Movie "Color Immediate Neo Reisho" Official Site(There were scenes like the movie, Miura Jun 's original vintage that the virtuosity of the girls' white swimming suit can be seen through in the sea is soakwasaw ... ...)

Announcement of the end of humanity * It is three years after remaining: Alfalfa mosaic(Occult, the opening ceremony with the alien that the US government secretly is preparing, the last of Japan described in the predictive book "Koko Koko" in the Edo Period, and the Maya civilization "the age of the sun Is over "

How to make paintings better after one day no matter how fierce it is: Hamster Breaking News 2(Memo, firstly "draw a circle with free hand" with a spirit of drawing a true circle)

Hot and sleepy night is "cool cold mat" Recommendation of super sleep - the proper days of RX-7 ride(Memo, is not air-conditioning and is not it friendly to the environment?)

Person wishing to be a researcher wants to read Graduate school entrance examination useful for entrance exams - Hatena bookmark news(For notes, people for the season of the hospital examination in the summer)

The picture of Hokusai is delicious? "Ukiyo-ekurea" is released limited - Tokyo Walker(It seems that it is a waste to eat, but it seems to be pleased with the souvenir)

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