To set up "automatic rental machine" which can rent easily at low cost to TSUTAYA and GEO, convenience stores etc.

It became clear that TSUTAYA and GEO, a major rental chain store, intend to install an "automatic rental machine" that allows rental of video software easily to convenience stores and the like.

It will be easier to rent at a cheaper price than before, so it may be quite useful if you can rent it at shopping convenience stores.

Details are as below.
Developed a DVD rental machine GEO established 1000 places | NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Corporate news - Business strategy of companies, preliminary results from mergers and alliances to settlements and personnel affairs

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, the Culture · Convenience Club (CCC) and GEO, which develops the rental chain store "TSUTAYA", will start setting up automatic rental machines for DVD software from November.

The automatic rental machine is about the same size as a beverage vending machine with an installation area of ​​about 0.5 square meters, Geo built about 330 sheets and prepare about 250 new works and old works. The rental method is to select works on the touch panel, complete membership registration and settlement with credit card, receive software, insert software back into the machine and return it.

In addition, GeoCommon point service "Ponta" announced that Mitsubishi Corporation will start service from next springWe are planning to install 1,000 automatic rental machines by the end of March 2011 against Lawson 's store and others that we have decided to partner with. TSUTAYA plans to install it in 30 locations including office buildings and commercial facilities within the year.

Although it is said that rental fee is set as cheap even for new work, how much will it be a fruitful work group? It is also a concern about the fulfillment degree of Blu - ray software that is rapidly spreading.

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