Nine mistakes men tend to make when dating women when they were students, and what they really should have done

Even if you start dating a woman when you are a student, especially when you are in college, and you make a lot of mistakes, in a sense it may be forgiven because you are still a student, but after graduating from college, you are a member of society. When it comes to that, women can no longer tolerate the same mistakes ...

All of this is certainly basic, but if you are not aware of it, you will unknowingly make the same mistakes on the extension of the student, and there are only a few mistakes that should have worked. There is a good chance that it will turn into blisters.

So, the contents of the nine mistakes are from the following.
9 Sexual Mistakes You Made in College |
* Arranged according to the circumstances of Japan

Part 1: Drink alcohol enough to vomit

Drinking squid at drinking parties is a problem in many ways. Even if you drink squid and become the protagonist of a drinking party for about 30 seconds, women do not remember that and it will not be a glory. On the contrary, drinking too much and spitting out leads to a loss of image. If you are a member of society, one or two cups is appropriate.

Part 2: A strange odor is standing in my room

My room is filled with living odors such as cigarette smoke, alcohol, and foot odors, and the air looks muddy. Even if I was a student, I was out of the room as a member of society. Women like food-like and delicious scents, so use candles that have such a good scent to improve.

Part 3: Music with mood

When I was a student, I might have played music that I was interested in, but if I became a member of society, I would only use songs that reflect the hobbies of men and songs that the other woman likes. Instead, let's play music that matches the mood at that time.

Part 4: Quality of bed sheets

Women's skin is soft and sensitive. So, if you bring her onto the bed in her room, she cares a lot about the feel of the bed sheets. When I was a student, I tend to use cheap, low-quality printed sheets, which is like rolling her on sandpaper. Choose something that feels good to lie down naked.

Part 5: I'm wearing socks in bed

When you're a student, you might choose to keep your clothes on, but that doesn't mean you're wearing socks naked.

Part 6: A lot of condoms are in the drawer

When I was a student, I might have been doing things like making the drawers covered with condoms and overflowing in order to make men angry, but nothing is transmitted to women. I don't get the short-circuit idea of having a lot of condoms = always rolling around. So, after graduating from college, it's enough to have about 3 next to your bed.

Part 7: Foreplay is only 1 minute

Women, unlike men, need warming up. That said, I wasn't very experienced when I was a student, and I should have been impatient with foreplay as soon as possible, but when I became a member of society, I gave her plenty of foreplay. prize. There is almost no foreplay.

Part 8: High-speed piston movement

When an animal mates, the male may make a tremendous piston movement from behind the female, but you should not do that to your human girlfriend. The male side may feel comfortable with the high-speed piston, but the female side cannot forgive the repeated hits, and it may be rather painful. On the contrary, you will be perceived as having no proper style for her, lack of self-control, and lack of sexual self-awareness. As a member of society, let's adjust to her rhythm and mental state.

Part 9: Relentlessly searching for what you feel and worrying too much

I'm too devoted to finding a specific part for what a woman feels, and I use the Internet to ask questions like 'She doesn't seem to feel at all, what should I do!' It is unavoidable to do it. When you become a member of society, you don't have to be frustrated just because you have been relentlessly searching for what you feel and not finding it. Let's love you properly.

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