"2012" The latest HD trailer is launched, you can see well that the great destruction and great extinction are built to a minute extraordinary detail

Last time before,Movie version image for only 5 minutes aheadWas published "2012However, as if to respond to the request "I want to see this scene with high image quality!", It seems that the trailer that the world is being destroyed more and more and shattered in this way or even so It was open to the public.

It was also a masterpiece for it so far, but the trailer of this time is also a series of images that is quite awesome, "The world is already over ......I feel regretfully that the sense of ending such a feeling of excitement.

Playback is from the following.
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An outrageous explosion happens in the sun

When the planets are in series

Crack in the earth

Large earthquake and explosion

Rising turning one after another, shattering road

Although trying to escape from the city where cars run and collapse, it is not easy

The elevated road collapsed and collapsed one after the other, and the car running above started falling down

Explosive flames of cars, people who escape

Three-dimensional parking lots collapse, cars are being thrown to the road

Another insanely, the road collapsed, uplifted, destroyed enough to make it unknown what is going on

Glass-clad skyscraper falling further down from the foundation in front of you

The airport is somewhat dangerous aura ... ...

As soon as I tried to take off by airplane, the collapse of the runway began

Despite succeeding in takeoff with a minute flight, the world goes further into the middle of hell

Everything is sucked into the ground crack and disappears

The human civilization collapses in no time

There is nowhere to escape

It tilts diagonally every continent, and it rolls off everywhere

The train is flying in the sky ......

Skyscrapers will collapse and fragile

The world was flamingly

It is not a level to say a catastrophe


The end of the world

A large eruption

Pyroclastic flow and volcanic bullets

A huge tsunami storming into the alpine zone

It is already full of stuff just with this trailer but probably this movie should be a worthwhile movie by looking at the big sound of the cinema and a huge screen, so I am looking forward to it now.

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