This is the end of the world, "2012" high-quality trailer which visualized the end where the whole world collapses

There is an interpretation that the Mayan civilization calendar has not been after December 21, 2012, this is an interpretation that it is predicting the end of the world, it is actually touched also in the Bible, and even to the science the fact At last the world will end at the end of every natural disaster ... ... "Independence Day"Or"Day after TomorrowFamous for having supervisedRoland EmmerichIt is director's latest work "2012".

Unlike the trailer released so far, in this trailer the scene of shock that the whole world collapses is like a mountain, there are a lot of birds escaping by thinking the crisis, volcano erupting and volcanic erupting, The splitting earth, the skyscrapers that collapse one after another, the huge tsunamis swallowing everything, and the huge ship built by the government that had grasped them all beforehand are finished in considerable impact.

Regeneration of the trailer on how all life forms on the earth will end up is as follows.
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2012 trailers and video clips on Yahoo! Movies(WMV version and high quality QuickTime version available)

A director's message is first

Planets lining in series

The time of the end will come

Relay by CNN, prayer

A lot of birds are flying away

Speech by the Pope towards the end

Volcanic bullets descending

Collapse road

The cathedral will also collapse.

A world that is changing dramatically

A speech by the president, the arrival of the end where the whole world collapses is announced

Cracking ground

Weather conditions


Continental collapse

Helicopters heading for "ships" secretly built by the government

Due to the preservation of species, various animals and plants are transported one by one like "Noah's Ark"

Huge "ship" 44th deck, people gathering in section P

the last hope

However, there are limits to the number of people who can ride, people rushing

Landing planes

Collapse of the earth, everything is swallowed and disappears

The skyscraper collapses

There is no escape place anywhere on the earth

A huge tsunami that pushes it far above the high mountain

Building that will fall down

It is being swept away by the tsunami

The aircraft carrier is also turned over, and it is washed away

Tsunami as it is to the White House

"John · F · Kennedy" returns to the White House



It is scheduled to be released in November in the US and in December in Japan

In addition, it is possible to see another version trailer with subtitles on the following Japanese official page, and the following versions are flowing in the theaters here and there.

2012 - Official site

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