A realistic robot imitating a Japanese woman "HRP-4C Unmistaku" (Mim) and VOCALOID coalesce, demonstration as if it actually sings

The home appliance industry trade fair held at Makuhari Messe since yesterdayCEATEC JAPAN 2009", A real robot with a height of 158 cm and a weight of 43 kg, made with reference to the average value of Japanese women"HRP-4C Dreams (Meme)The state actually singing was demonstrated.

In addition to adopting Yamaha's speech synthesis technology "VOCALOID" which became famous in "Hatsune Miku" etc., not only is the movement of the lip matched to the song but also the expression is changed to real, There is a realistic feeling as if it is really singing.

The state of singing etc. is from the following.
The explanation of VOCALOID was done at the Yamaha booth. Corresponding products are appearing one after another, including "Hatsune Miku" which became a hot topic.

What is done this time is a demonstration that combines "HRP-4C dream (meme)" with VOCALOID.

A female robot "HRP-4C dream (meme)" that this was made with reference to the average value of Japanese females

First of all, it is the first song "Tears appreciated"
YouTube - "HRP-4C dream (meme)" sings "Tears soo"

The second song is "Dogwood." For some reason Kansai dialect has become.
YouTube - "HRP-4C dream (meme)" sings "Hanamizuki"

And lastly I was singing "DIAMOND".
YouTube - "HRP-4C Dream (Meme)" sings "DIAMOND"

As for VOCALOID, in addition to conducting research and development that will enable more realistic expressions in the future, it seems that VOCALOID is also included in robotics etc.

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