Adobe announces the latest version of Flash Player, also available on mobile phones

Adobe today announced the latest version of Flash Player.

Until now, a simple version of "Flash Lite" etc. was installed for mobile phones, but it seems that it will finally be possible to use Flash on mobile phones at last.

Details are as below.
Adobe Unveils First Full Flash Player for Mobile Devices and PCs

According to this release, Adobe seems to publish "Flash Player 10.1" which becomes the latest version of Flash Player that also supports HD video playback and so on.

"Flash Player 10.1" not only supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. It is said that it will be available on Windows Mobile and Palm, it will be released within the year.

Also, beta versions of Google's mobile phone OS "Android" and "Symbian OS" will be available in early 2010, and RIM and Adobe will jointly use Flash Player for Blackberry I will.

By the way, "Flash Player 10.1" not only succeeded in reducing power consumption by efficiently utilizing graphic accelerator and GPU, but also the official support of Microsoft's latest OS "Windows 7" It seems to correspond to the latest operation form such as touch interface and acceleration sensor.

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