Invite 500 people to the "Arcadia Saga" 2nd closed beta test where you can experience the construction of my house and invasion of sub-people

Mizuno good supervisor, Hisashi Sakimoto joins the domestic MMORPG "Arcadia Saga"ofFrom the 3rd September to the 5th September the closed beta testIt was done. This time from the 15th of October (Saturday) to 17th October (Saturday), the 2nd closed beta test will be held and 500 people will be invited by lottery from GIGAZINE.

In the 2nd CBT, several improvements were made from the 1st CBT, as well as being able to enjoy the characteristic elements such as "My House construction" and "Invasion of sub".

Details and application methods are as follows.
Arcadia Saga

Arcadia Saga Part 2 Closed beta test application registration form

The recruitment period is from 12:00 on Friday, October 2, until 12:00 on Friday, October 9. Entry qualifications are "Living in Japan, who can participate in the test" "Who can participate in the test and actively communicate problems and requests, etc. (* Depending on instructions of the management team, there may be times when you cooperate in the test In "Parties who can agree to the Terms of Service and closed beta test participation agreement", it seems that the account participating in the 1st CBT can also be used in the 2nd CBT (except the game data).

The testing period is from October 15 (Thursday) to October 17 (Saturday), between 17:00 and 23:00. Improvements from the 1st CBT include improvement of some restrictions on viewpoint, improvement of visual judgment of monster attacks, improvement of lag after map movement, strengthening PK penalty, etc. In addition, new elements As you can build your own house in any place except the cityMy house construction, Fellows in hostile relationship raid the player's houseInvasion of an apeCapture wild horses and train for horseback ridingA horse ridingYou will be able to experience.

We invited 500 people from GIGAZINE by lottery. Mail will be delivered to winners around October 13 (Tue) around 12 o'clock. People who applied for the 1st CBT but unfortunately disappeared or who tried interested by watching the promotion movie at the Tokyo Game Show, please try it.

Arcadia Saga Part 2 Closed beta test application registration form

"Arcadia Saga" game introduction movie at Tokyo Game Show 2009 is like this.

Also, when it is an image movie, this kind of atmosphere. It seems like animation.

The movie can be seen from the official site Gallery.
Arcadia Saga

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