Life-Sized Tetsujin Rolled Out at Shin-Nagata, Kobe

The life-sized Tetsujin 28-go statue in Shin-Nagata, Kobe was still under construction when we visited there late August, but it has been finished on September 29. A special ceremony is to be held on October 4 to celebrate its completion, but the Tetsujin isn't veiled or anything so we went ahead and took pictures early this morning.

Pics after the cut.
We reached him before dawn.

Looks kind of menacing in the dark.

Maybe he'll be illuminated at night like the Odaiba Gundam was.

Looked closely, some lamps are shaped like Tetsujin's head.

Hard to tell when it's lit.

And came the first light.

His face wasn't attached yet when we came last time.

Looks solid.

There were some pics on the fence, taken during the production. The fence will be removed before the ceremony on October 4.

Before painting, Tetsujin's head looks like medieval helmet.

On a lorry. People who came across it must have had no idea what it was.

No, he's not about to destroy the apartment complex.

Raising his fist.

Maybe there wasn't many buildings taller than him around here in 1963, when the anime was first aired.

The place was not crowded this early in the morning, but pedestrians were stopping now and then to take pictures on their cell phone.

Gigantic, compared to human.

Two rockets carried on his back.

These might be spotlights for Tetsujin.

"Tetsujin 28-Go Birthday Sale" is held at the nearby shopping arcade from October 2 to 4, with chance to win prizes like T-shirt, cell phone accessory and special commemorative photo with Tetsujin.

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