A ten-year-old girl listens his grandma at the Internet auction

It is said that a 10 - year - old girl had sent her grandmother to the Internet auction.

The auction has already ended, but what has become of the grandmother who was sent?

Details are from the following.
10-year-old barred from selling grandmother on eBay - Home News, UK - The Independent

According to this article, it became clear that a 10-year-old girl was exhibiting her grandmother (61 years old) living in the city of Clacton in Essex, England at the world famous internet auction site "eBay" It is said that.

The name of the girl who had sent her own grandmother was Zoe Pemberton. Zoe seems to be able to obtain a considerable bid by recruiting bidders saying "Grandma is noisy, but likes crossword puzzles, it is cute enough to hug". However, because human trafficking is prohibited, the person in charge who discovered deletes immediately. My grandmother seems to have stayed in clacton without anything.

A eBay spokesperson commented, "I knew it was a joke, but I had to delete it on the rule, when I first saw it was really interesting and I have had many such writes." Furthermore, it does not seem to have been announced how much the price has risen.

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