The world of chemistry was full of junior high school student gags, compounds that I would like to read aloud

People who have laughed in spite of seeing the image above may have a sense of chemical humor. Two RutheniumPolypyridine complex(rutheniumPolypyridineComplex) In the NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) It is what I analyzed, but it seems that this is laughing at laboratories and classrooms all over the world. What on earth does it look like?

Although this "ruthenium polypyridine complex" is not particularly interesting even when it comes out aloud, there seems to be a lot of compounds with unique names such as to laugh a bit when listening to the world. This time we will introduce some of them.

Details are as below.Arsole and penguinone - chemistry gets funny |

List of chemical compounds with unusual names - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chemists who seems to be engaged in research seriously day and night, but unexpectedly when launching nomenclature of discovering or successfully synthesizing compounds whose efforts have been rewarded, they show a sense of laughter like junior high school students In many cases it seems to be.

This is named because the planar structure is similar to a penguin "Penguinone (Penguinon) ". Is it such a level that it can not be seen if it is said ... ....

An organic compound formed by combining five large rings "Olympiadane (Olympia Dan) "

Another name compound reminiscent of a red nose reindeer "RudolfomycinSugar produced by decomposition of rhodolphomycin "RednoseAnd found in the drowsiness of vampire batsGlycoprotein"Draculin(Dracrin) "and so on, there seems to be many substances named by association method.

It sounds like a hole in Arx (Arse Hole) pronounced in British style "Arsole"(Molecular formula CFourHFiveAs). Is there a mindless structural formula ......

ArsolePyrroleIt is so structured that arsenic is substituted for the nitrogen atom, so it is said that it was named logically "Arsenic" + "Pyrrole" = "Arsole".

In addition to this, "Skatole ((Skato)" which was isolated from the mammal's hun and named "skato" meaning Hun in Greek wordSkatole), A mineral discovered in Camington, Massachusetts "Cummingtonite(Although the original reading is a camintonite, it can also be read as Cumming Tonight: Incidentally Cum has meanings such as semen and ejaculation.) "A lot of unique name compounds are summarized in Wikipedia. For someone who was underlining a certain word or phrase of a junior high school student dictionary, it may be a content that makes bloods troublesome.

List of chemical compounds with unusual names - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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