"Dragon Quest 6" seems to be reconstructed for NDS

Some of the episodes of "Dragon Quest(a.k.a. Dragon Warrior)" franchise has common background. Episodes 4 to 6 is called "Tenku Series" from the common element "Zenithia", the castle in heaven that appears in the games.

Following NDS adaption of 4 and 5, there's a sign appeared on the official site which make it seems like the last episode "6" for Tenku Series is under reconstruction.

Read on for detail.

The official site of "Tenku Series". No changes seems to be found.

NDS "Dragon Quest" Tenku Series

But when you type the URL directly in the address bar on your browser, it will show the message "Nothing can be found", which parodied an message commonly seen in the franchise.

It may be just an alternative "404-Page not found" page. But, if so, they don't have to parody the game message. Also, same thing happened before the reconstruction of "4". Let's wait for further notice.

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