Vanilla yoghurt sweets tasting review with plenty of cream

The other dayLuna's Vanilla Yogurt ShoeAlthough I ate, "Vanilla yoghurt sweets" which was released simultaneously with this was not found, I was in trouble. However, since I found "Vanilla yoghurt sweets" that remained on only one shelf, I bought it and tried it.

Review from below.
"Vanilla yoghurt sweets" which the left was seeking. On the right is "Cream & cream yoghurt" of Japan Luna selling vanilla yogurt.

"Vanilla yogurt sweets" 200 yen.

Raw material is like this.

It seems that a huge white spot is on, but apparently it was a white spot made with vanilla yoghurt. The sweets themselves are made of more custard creamy seasoned items similar to those used for vanilla yoghurt shoes, and a bit of acidity is accentuating the sweetness.

"Cream & Cream Yogurt" does not seem to be limited to FamilyMart, but I do not see as much as "Vanilla Yogurt".

One 134kcal.

Vanilla yoghurt is particularly striking in its whiteness, but it looks like ordinary yoghurt. It's so soft that you can drink it if you tilt the cup, it's very creamy as the name suggests. I hope I can easily buy it at various supermarkets.

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