Hidden relationship between a dangerous lawn mower and Audi with too much power

It is a very dangerous household lawnmower movie with too much power. I feel doubt whether home power lawn mowers need power so far.

Apparently this dangerous lawnmower is an automakerAudi(Audi) seems to have something to do with it. What is the relationship between a dangerous lawn mower and a car?

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Runaway Mower

Insert the outlet.

Switch on.

I thought that my arms were pulled with the momentum of departure ... ...

I took each body and gone.


Thuzzjizuru ......

Zuluzuzuruzuru ......! Is it?

The lawnmower crashed to the side of the road.

The garbage bin has also been involved.

Men who are natural.

This movie is a site that Audi announces something to announce at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 to be held on September 15, 2009 "Electricity Untamed(Electricity is a wild one, electricity can not be tamed) ", and there is a movie showing how electricity is amazing besides this lawnmower.

ARC (Great discharge at power station)

GO KART (Go karts run at a tremendous speed)

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING (Lightning's power)

Suddenly Audi electric cars may be announced on September 15th.

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