Sukiya "Spicy Curry" including 4 times Rui and 3 times Rice "Curry King" Eat 6 Size Comparison Review

About two weeks ago"Beef Bowl King" having meat as much as usual, "Small size" "Petit Beef Bowl", etc Including Sukiya Beef Bowl Series Eat all 8 sizes and compareGIGAZINE editorial department which realized the horror of the name named King, as the stomach seemed to be cut off. However, the next day the plow houseFollowing the beef-konba king 3 rice rice, 4 x ru "curry king" releasedI decided to head to the house I want to stand up again because I released the release.

Curry King and others, the review which I ate 6 sizes of spicy curry of Sukiya is as follows.
I love my family who came again.

Notice that "Curry King" appeared at the entrance of the store this time this time.

Of course we ordered Spicy curry, six sizes from Petit to King.

Curry petit appeared in few minutes after ordering. It is 130 yen at 1/4 of the same size. About 170 kcal.

The dishes that are put in are usually used in cold · · · etc.

The curry mini which was the smallest size so far (250 yen 356 kcal).

Finally it is the emergence of Namifumi (330 yen 681 kcal). Because the clerk carries it from a small one, the tension will gradually increase.

Tai Sheng (430 yen 920 kcal). The equipment is the same as the side by side, the amount of Ru is increasing when comparing.

The mega curry which was once the largest (550 yen 1169 kcal).When I ate mega cheese curryI remembered the feeling of fullness.

King seems not to be like this ... ....

At last a few minutes had passed and curry king appeared. The price is 890 yen not exceeding 1000 yen even this. The calorie broke through the 2000 mark, 2122 kcal.

The amount of roux is 4 times as much as normal, and rice is tripled. It is exactly twice as much as mega curry.

How to arrange Fukujin pickles is not extraordinary.

Is not it the sea of ​​curry?

I tried arranging all items. From the upper left to the lower, there are petit, mini, aka Sheng, middle high and high mega, and King on the right.

I put a petit in the back and a king in front. It transcends the level of the difference between adults and children.

Petit in front and try King in the back. Destroy the perspective, that is Curry King.

From further down. Quarterly ¼ size petit and King of double the mega. It is not an item to order together.

I scooped with a spoon at once.

This one scoop is a small scoop if you try it for curry king, but for us it is a big scoop.

Complete in 12 minutes.

Curry itself was a spicy one with pepper but it was a mismatch because Fukujin pickle was quite sweet seasoning. If it comes to this volume absolutely will get tired of the taste in the second half, so you can not finish eating before you get bored, or something topping to give a change in taste and texture is better. However,Attention is required for excessive toppingis.

And I left the shop later. I am full, Thank you for the meal.

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