Video of tiny USB Flash Drive made in massive plant

USB flash drive is so inexpensive, easy to carry and high-capacity enough to carry JPEGs and office documents around. Here's a video of production plant of major flash memory chip manufacturer Kingston manufacturing millions of USB flash memories.

Look at its systematically-distributed manufacturing.

Kingston is a California company specialized in flash memory devices, such as DDR memory modules you use in your PC and flash memory cards.
YouTube - How's a USB Flash Drive Made? Trip to the Kingston Production Plant

No cameras and phones, usually.

USB connectors waiting for fitting onto memory boards.

Machined by many robot-tools on assembly line

Monitoring the line.

All parts soldered and being ready for outer shell fitting.

Cutting out substrates.

Substrate fringes are collected and disposed properly.

Assembly line for outer shell.

The rows of them makes us somewhat dizzy.

Robots casing memory sticks.

Now they look much familiar.

Labeling is done by handwork.

Packaged, checked and shipped worldwide.

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