I ordered only one cable and it was packed in huge corrugated cardboard box and arrived

Although mail merchandising and net shopping are merit that it is easy to shop without going to the shop, handling of luggage being delivered is a matter of concern. It seems that some people thought that feelings of such users, something was wrong, some people said that one cable was packed in huge corrugated cardboard and arrived.

Details are as below.
HP's Ridiculous Shipment Packaging - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

Chrixx, the image contributor, asked Hewlett-Packard for a 10 ft (3 meter) electric wire cable. However, the package that arrived at home is a huge corrugated cardboard, and 10 kg woodenpaletteIt seems to have been carried on.

The arrival baggage. Shanghai'sInventecIt seems that it is a direct delivery from the company saying, There is a large palette under the corrugated cardboard box.

There is a small box in the corrugated cardboard box.

Only the electric wire cable just ordered arrived.

Although it can be said that it is a strict packing that protects luggage, chrixx says that it is excessive packaging not good for environmental protection.

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