Window Phone like a window whose appearance changes depending on the weather

Mobile phone "Window Phone" whose main body is transparent and futuristic in design. It seems to be the concept that the appearance of the main body changes depending on the weather, and interesting design images such as functions that made use of the transparent body have become visible.

Details are as below.
Window Phone: Blow Your Cell Phone to Write A Text Message | Future Technology

Transparent and stylish design by designer Seunghan Song. This is a sunny day.

On rainy days waterdrops will be attached.

On a snowy day the window seemed cloudy.

Blowing in and blowing on the body turns into handwriting input mode.

Enter to write a letter on the window. It is troublesome to actually use, but it is an interesting idea.

Although it is concept concept to the last, will it be on the day that such a mobile phone will be released in the future?

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