The unpublished latest CPUs "Core i 7" and "i 5", ignoring Intel's warnings are on the market

Intel of major CPU manufacturers such as "Core 2 Duo" and "Core 2 Quad" which is the current main CPUWe are announcing the intention to narrow down to "Core i 7" "Core i 5" "Core i 3" by abolishing the "Core 2" seriesHowever, it is now clear that some of the latest models of "Core i 7" and "Core i 5", which have not been announced at the moment, are already on the market.

Details are as below.
Early sales of Core i5 and i7 CPUs unlikely to stop despite Intel warning, say sources

According to this article, motherboards equipped with the latest Intel CPU "Core i7" "Core i 5" series compatible with the LGA 1156 socket currently unpublished and a P55 chipset supporting this CPU are available in Korea, Taiwan, It is said that it is sold in parts of China and North America.

On the market are several motherboards that correspond to "Core i 5 - 750", "Core i 7 - 860", "Core i 7 - 870" and P 55 chipset, and Intel will send retailers with other sellers Although it is requesting to stop selling to maintain fairness, market participants say that retailers will not stop selling.

The reason why such a situation occurred is that the motherboard maker shipped the product quickly so that the motherboard maker can buy and sell it on the market at the same time as the lifting of the release is released, but the retailer has started to sell.

AlreadyPackage pictures that are supposed to be "Core i 5" are spilling outBut when is the official announcement done? It is worrisome.

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