Following the beef-konba king, "rice 3 times, ru 4 times" "curry king" appeared

Boasting an unprecedented volume on August 12 "Kingfisher King King"Sukiya, a beef bowl chain store that sold", will now release the curry "Curry King" boasting the largest volume in the past.

It seems that it is becoming a reasonable price setting though overwhelming volume this time as well.

Details are from the following.
(PDF file)Press Release: About Sukiya "Curry King" Sales

According to this release, Sukiya is going to release 'Curry King' boasting the largest volume in curry, following 'Beef Bowl King' boasting the largest volume of beef don from 26th this month. Also, he said that he will also release "Petit Curry" which is just right when I am hungry.

Curry KingFour times the amount of rice to three times the rice at the same timeIt is said that the total calorie exceeds 2000 calories as well as beef bowl King. Meanwhile, petit curry is said to be one-quarter of Ryusu Ryu in parallel.

From the left "Petit Curry" "Mega Curry" "Curry King"

While there are so many volumes, the price is reasonably priced at 890 yen for curry king and 130 yen for petit curry, which is reasonable if you are going to die as soon as you are hungry, as well as how to eat curry king by two people not.

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