Nintendo, Finally Introducing Malware Control Measures to Nintendo DSi

It became clear that Nintendo introduced measures against equipment called "Majikon" which can also play downloaded copy game software on the handheld game machine "Nintendo DS" series.

Some software makers have already taken countermeasures against game software against game software, but Nintendo seems to have taken a keen eye on measures.

Details are as below.
NET Game backstroke thorough commentary DSi FW 1.4J pillar Majikon countermeasure(Fishery)

According to this article, in Nintendo's newly released version 1.4 firmware, Nintendo DSi cameraWe added a function to post taken pictures to SNS "Facebook"At the same time, he introduced measures to equipment called "Majikon".

And when trying to activate the magicon with the Nintendo DSi which performed the firmware update "An error occurred. Press and hold the power button on the main unit to turn off the power, and follow the instruction of the main unit's instruction manual."It will be displayed and will not start.

As a result of this countermeasure, as of 11:45 on July 31st, 2009, it is said that all the Majikon will not start with Nintendo DSi.

Although the Tokyo District Court ruled in February this year several distributors importing and selling equipment called "Majikon" to suspend sales based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Law,The guerrilla sale of Majikon is constantIn addition,Vending machines are appearingWill it be possible to eradicate marquee by measures? Given that sluggish sales of game software can cause fatal damage to manufacturers, it is a place where future development is concerned.

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