Revised Marjon dealer Aichi prefectural police detected the first criminal cases with violation of unfair competition prevention law

ByShinichi Haramizu

According to Nintendo, a criminal censure was held against a dealer who sold Majikon for Nintendo DS. Majikon is a device that avoids the protection of game machines that prevents games acquired by unauthorized means from being activated, and the import / sale of Majikon is a detective as the unfair competition prevention law was revised on December 1, 2011 It was the subject of punishment.

About criminal investigation against sellers of equipment for Nintendo DS: 30th May 2012

Majikon is a device that copies the contents of game software and makes image files made from the copied contents available on game machines. Unlike software borrowing and borrowing, game companies have long been concerned about existence because anyone can play games if they get an image file,Introduction of magicone countermeasures on game machines themselvesAlthough it has done, etc., such as magicone which can be used by quickly finding the countermeasure was appearing, it became wiggle.

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Nintendo and other game company companies have issued warnings to distributors and responded by causing civil lawsuits as well. In 2009The importation and sales cancellation of magicone was approved, Even if the revised copyright law is enforced in 2010Continue selling "Game downloads are not a problem in the law so do not worry ♪". The revised Unfair Competition Prevention Law came into force on December 1, 2011, and criminal punishment was introduced for sales of Majikon and others, but since the suppliers who are still selling are still behind, we received the cooperation of Aichi Prefectural Police The criminal censure was reached. In addition, it seems that it was a man in Saitama Prefecture that was caught.

By the way, in April in violation of the revised Unfair Competition Prevention ActArrested and prosecuted as a man in Tochigi prefecture selling remodeled PSP memoryThere is a case that was done.

According to Nintendo, the judgment that violates the sale etc. of magicone is issued in Korea, Taiwan, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. other than Japan, and also convicted once again in France and Spain where innocence was issued The judgment is down.


Even in Akihabara and Nihonbashi, the appearance of merchon sales stores and stalls became commonplace, but will it be finally eradicated?

ByHIRATA Yasuyuki

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