Is this "hit" next time? Square Enix starts a mystery countdown

It became clear that Square Enix started a mystery countdown at the official site.

Although it is a countdown of Square Enix which has become a regular sense, what kinds of software are announced?

※ 16: 20 posted spoiler

Details are as below.
This is a countdown that is being held this time. A new title seems to be released on August 7.

By the way, in the countdown held in July 2008 "Chrono Trigger"Was announced, and in the countdown held in November of the same year"Blood of Bahamut"And in the countdown held in June this year"Four warriors of lightAfter the countdown, only software for Nintendo DS has been announced, and it is an unsatisfactory lineup for users who want to enjoy games realizing powerful graphics on the next-generation aircraft However, what will be announced next time?

· 16:20 postscript
According to the following link, it seems that the previous deployment was to be balanced when "postproducing" the released Flash. And the title to be released is "card game"Lord of VermilionIt is said that it is a game version of.

I opened a counten-down site of Squeni's mystery, but the development of the previous occurred in the SWF file "Right Click ⇒ Advance". After several tens of minutes I will fix it as "not possible to postpone" but the time is late. It is analyzed as a "card game" Lord of Vermilion ". : 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

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