Could be MGS5? Something mysterious started on Konami's site

In prior article, we mentioned that Hideo Kojima of "Metal Gear Solid" series has launched a new site for his new game.

Today, we found there are some interesting change made on the site. It seems that the figure like "5" or "S" has important meaning on their new game. Metal Gear Solid 5? It could be.

Read on for detail.

The site looks like this for now. According to the countdown, there will be some presentation at 10:00 May 22(JST)


The letter "5" or "S" comes up at a lightning. 5 for what? MGS5? It could be, for they already have revealed the development of the game.

Or, in case the letter means "S", the game might turn out to be the new episode for "Snatcher", the cyber-punk themed police action first made on 1988. Anyway, let's look forward to it's coming.

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