QUALCOMM's wireless charging technology "eZone" capable of charging mobile phones and other devices without cable

Although it is absolutely necessary to charge a cell phone cable, a wireless charging technology "eZone" has been introduced that can charge from QUALCOMM, which handles mobile phone chipsets etc. without cable.

Also Intel"Wireless power" that eliminates power cordWe are developing, but what exactly is the technology developed by QUALCOMM?

Details are as below.
Qualcomm booth at Wireless Japan 2009

A demonstration movie of 'eZone' being screened. Type of "magnetic field resonance method". Because it employs a method called magnetic resonance (Magnetic Resonance), there is no danger of overheating metal or the like even on the charging base, and wireless communication such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not affected. In other words, when you go home you can use it like placing the things in your pocket for the time being.

Usage example of "eZone". "Memory Board" means that by placing a digital camera or mobile phone, not only charging but also data transfer inside can be done in a contactless manner. Moreover, as a wireless charging base, besides the type like a photograph, the top board of a notebook computer can also be used.

It looks like you are actually charging. Since charging speed is the same level as charging via the existing USB cable, it is slower than the method of inserting it into the power outlet. The position alignment between the charged side and the charging side is unnecessary and can be charged simply by placing it.

The mock of 'eZone' being exhibited. At the overseas exhibition booth, eZone that really works is displayed, but as it turned out to see it in Japan, it seems that mocks are on display unavoidably because it was found that a communication license is necessary.

Although it is an interesting price, it is said that it aims at a general popular price range.

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