Will Intel install wireless charging technology on notebook PCs and smartphones from 2013


Intel plans to roll out and incorporate wireless charging (contactless charging) technology for notebook PCs and smartphones even in the second half of 2013. Contactless charging has already been realized with mobile phones and others, and it was held in JuneComputex TaipeiWe also demonstrate a wireless charging demo from a laptop to a smartphone in the inside.

This is a state of wireless demonstration.

Intel's wireless smartphone - charging ultrabook prototype - The Verge at Computex 2012 - YouTube

It is Acer 's Ultra Book, and Samsung' s smartphone is in hand.

The part where the part which is blue and flickering on this side is the charge source.

The side of the smartphone curves to fit it.

Just pinch it like this when using.

I just put a smartphone near the notebook PC ... ...

Charging is being done with a blinking blue.

Wireless charging has the merit of being able to charge without connecting the cable, but efficiency is not as good as charging on wired, and efficiency may fall dramatically depending on the placement of the device and the distance etc. .

For now, wireless charging is a medical deviceRFID chip(NFC) etc. It is theoretically possible to charge an electric car, for example, it seems that it is possible to continue to fly a quadrotor around a mobile phone, for example.

Digitimes reportedIntel's wireless charging technology will also rollout in the second half of 2013,Haswell microarchitectureIt is said that it will be adopted for UltraBook and smartphones equipped with.

By the way, not only Intel is exploring the possibility of wireless charging, NTT docomo and Sharp already in 2011World's first wireless charging compatible smartphone "AQUOS PHONE f SH-13C"We are on sale.

Docomo with series AQUOS PHONE f SH - 13C TOP | Product Lineup NTT DOCOMO: SH DASH

This SH - 13CWireless Power Consortium (WPC)International standard for wireless power supplyQiAlthough this standard is adopted, standards for medium electric power that can supply up to 120 W are not formulated so far only for low electric power of 5 W or less.

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