Swimming pool in China with difficult enough people to walk instead of swimming

Speaking of summer, pools and seas are a standard playground to avoid the heat, but many people gather only for classic. In Japan it is crowded and pools that can not swim properly as pools etc. It is said to be a wash condition, but in summer the pools in summer seem to be in a ridiculous state even in China, the world's most populous country.

Details are as below.
Is this the world's most crowded swimming pool? Thousands try to escape China's scorching heatwave | Mail Online

People gathering in the pool in Nanjing. There are many people who use floating rings, but it may be dangerous if you do not use children etc. with this many people.

Several places where the maximum temperature exceeds 40 degrees are also present in China. In Shanghai People's Square there are children playing with fountains.

The beach in Dalian looks like this. I can hardly see the sand beach by being blocked by parasols and people.

The indoor pool of Wuhan is also crowded.

Some people jump into the high-pollution Yangtze River to avoid the heat.

Meanwhile, the monkey was surpassing the heat with the ice which I got from where.

Even in Japan, it is expected that the sea and the pool will be full of people as it plunges into the summer vacation, so please be careful if you plan to go swimming.

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