Baby can understand dog language

Even if a human baby has never touched a dog at all, it can be heard when he is angry or when he is in good mood to hear the cry of a dog,Brigham Young UniversityIt is said that it became clarified by the study of.

Details are as below.Babies understand dog-speak, BYU study finds

This was previously announced by Professor Ross Flom of psychology at Brigham Young UniversityInfants can hear Beethoven's sad songs and fun songsIn the study following the research result, the babies of 6 months old were able to match dogs' voices when angry and friendly and matched with the pictures of dogs with facial expressions and body language suitable for it. This research result by Professor Flom and two studentsDevelopmental Psychology (Developmental psychology)It was announced in the magazine.

"Emotions are one of the first things babies learn in the society surrounding them because the reason why they chose dogs as targets is because of their high communication skills with both cry and body language," Professor Flom said.

Pictures of dogs used for experiments.

In the experiment, I showed two photos of the same dog whose expression was first different to the baby, then played sound clips of threatening cries and friendly cries in random order. As infants learned it is meaningless, so experiments were done only once per infant.

While the recorded dog's voice is being played, in the case of an infant aged six months old, I spent time looking at the pictures of the dogs that matched with the cry and more of the older infants at first sight Immediately we correctly combined the voice of the dog with the facial expression.

It is said that the baby was not upset and irritated by experiments, and most babies were enjoying it. "Infants are quite cooperative subjects," co-authors' students say.

Babies can read the surrounding air and react to it much earlier than wear language. The result of this research supports that human babies master emotions before words and helps to understand the secret of baby 's phenomenal learning rate.

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