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Prequel·Second part·Second partI do not know the realistic feeling of what it really was if the photo was only for me, so I actually shot and recorded it in the movie.

It is easy to see how reporters are appearing in front of the people who were taking place from early in the morning and they are skipping booing and diverting a huge mountain basket. Also, first I noticed that one girl is moving a mantis and "I'm moving, it's awesome, it's a fun mantis!" After saying to another girl, "Cute! Cute! There over there! There was also a thing that I was teaching with the feeling that it was like that. I also shot the mantis mantis.

Playback is from the following.
The movie of Naginata Koko that first appeared. People are taking notice of the place from early in the morning, I am concerned about the dissatisfaction with the reporters who came out in the middle.

YouTube - Gion Festival 01

A movie from Ashikariyama (Ashikariyama) to Hakuten Kamiyama (Hail Triennin).

YouTube - Gion Festival 02

A movie approaching Kachoboko (Kankobo).

YouTube - Gion Festival 03

A movie turning direction of Kakutanobori. It seems that it can not be bent at once.

YouTube - Gion Festival 04

A movie from Mt. Yuyama (Koroyama) on which Karamakiri Kamakiri is riding to Occupy Mountain (Urashima).

YouTube - Gion Festival 05

Movie of "Stick flying Hayashi" introduced in the second volume.

YouTube - Gion Festival 06

Incidentally, the staff and reporter of KBS Kyoto which is a local station of Kyoto also came to interview.

Interview with visitors.

I was filming with this kind of feeling.

Perhaps the staff in charge of the sound collector was yelled at the end by visitors "being disturbing".

When you stand you are amazing boo. I work hard for work.

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