This is exactly "unsuccessful war ship", Takara Tomy's "Technics MIX ground-based navigation model series battleship Yamato"

I would like to play with the radio control of a huge ship! Although it seems that there are many people, the problem is the place to play. If it sinks, it is impossible to collect and expensive radio controllers are lost, but the big ones can only be played with rivers and ponds, always beside the dangers of accidents. But even soTogether with each other and borrowing a love hotel pool and playingIt seems that they are finding places in various ways, such as ... ....

But there is a way to enjoy shipping radio control in a way that never sinks. That is Takara Tomy's "Technics MIX Ground Sailing Model Series Battleship Yamato." This ultra-realistic and safe radio control was filmed since it was demonstrated at Tokyo Toy Show 2009.

Details and movies are below.
It was a bit behind the Takara Tomy booth and it was being demonstrated like this

This is the actual movement. An answer that is too simple and too clear for the question "How can I enjoy the battleship Yamato's radio control easily?" Surely it will not sink indeed. Movement is also heavy and there is a fairly real atmosphere.

Not only does the main body move back and forth, but also turns turrets and ranging ceremonies, and everything goes on, including lit lamp lights and beep sounds. In the photographs, we have the direction of the gun and the range finder above the bridge.

In addition to manual operation, "automatic navigation mode" is carried and it is possible to reproduce the "Japanese character movement" to avoid submarine attacks, as well as "Yamato Last Passage Mode" at 12 o'clock on April 7, 194 It features a fascinating feature of shortening the last trail and battle after 32 minutes to about 10 minutes and automatically reproducing it.

Also, with radio control, details tend to be sweet, but such a thing is not finished. In addition to this, additional kits will be sold for details.

For First Time Limited Awards, the Allied Fleet Commander - General Yamamoto and internal fireboat follow.

Technique MIX seriesIs a series that provides high detail and gimmick pleasure with the concept of "a plastic model that you can enjoy even now". If you are going to do a full-scale ship model, you can only enjoy playing with rivers and ponds, but this can be enjoyed on desks and floors as well.

The release month is scheduled for late September 2009, and the retail price is 21,100 yen (tax included), it is even higher when adding detail up parts and kit for diorama, but it is cheap to think of this fun It may not be amongst others.

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