1 chocolate with more than 1.6 million yen

BelgianGodivaAnd in SwitzerlandLedarachVarious luxury chocolates are on sale in the world, but there seems to be chocolate with more than 1.6 million yen per grain. It is a price you can not imagine a bit, but why is it so expensive?

Details are from the following.
Diamonds and Chocolate

This is a chocolate with a grain of 18,000 dollars (about 1.7 million yen).

A seemingly ordinary chocolate, diamonds are on top of the blackberry on chocolate. This diamond is 2-carat Ushercut diamond, most of the price is the price of this diamond. According to the selling site, it seems that the image of the total solar eclipse with black berry and diamonds, it seems that it was made in accordance with the total solar eclipse on July 22.

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