Crispy and cool mellow Haagen-Dazs "Crispy Sand Strawberry Fondue"

Crispy sandwich of Haagen Dazs made sandwiches with a crispy waffle of ice cream. In this series this time "Strawberry Fondue"(260 yen excluding tax) has appeared. The sweet and sour sauce coats accented strawberry ice cream with chocolate with exquisite sour taste of strawberry powder and squeezing it with wafers makes it a taste of "strawberry fondue". I decided to eat at once what kind of taste it is.

Lavish taste of strawberry wrapped in rich chocolate Haagen-Dazs Crispy Sand "Strawberry Fondue" October 15 (Monday), a new launch across the country

You can see the strawberry pattern in the package.

Strawberry'sChocolate fondueThat "strawberry fondue". It is content that it is coating sweet and sour strawberries with chocolate.

Strawberry puree, strawberry powder, etc. are used as raw materials. In addition, the wafers used are cocoa wafers, which seems to be able to enjoy a bitter and savory taste.

Fruit juice and flesh are 25%. The energy per piece is 253 kcal.

Then, I decided to eat.

It seems easy to eat with palm size.

Chocolate and ice cream will not melt and become sticky.

Inside is chocolate coated ice cream.

Although it looks black, ....

A bright strawberry ice cream appeared from inside when you gallow.

It is possible to enjoy various crowds at once with a soft texture of ice cream after crisp wafers, light crispy texture of crisp chocolate.

Sweet and sour strawberries and sweetness of ice cream are the best matches. I feel the taste of strawberries firmly enough to beat the sweetness of ice cream, it has a sour taste and refreshing taste. Although the taste of chocolate is not so strong, the flavor of cocoa of the wafer is felt well, and this fragrant taste complements the sweetness of ice cream.

It seems that it is suitable for people who like lively bread because you can feel the difference of three textures of wafers, chocolate, ice cream at once.

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