Landscape photograph of India where trash of mountains has been created with scrapped home appliances

About 2000 to 50 million tons of home appliance garbage called "e-waste" occurs worldwide every year, and some of them are illegally exported to personal computers and mobile phones that became garbage. In India, such home appliance garbage is collected like a mountain, and there seems to be a place where it is in a ridiculous state, and photographs of chaotic scenery are taken.

Details are as below.
Sophie Gerrard Photography

In order to extract rare metals, PC parts etc. are treated with acid, but after use it is said that the acid is being drained by roads and rivers causing pollution.

Contaminated water and discarded foundation.

There are also scraps imported as recycling and donation, but mostly it will be garbage as it is.

Plenty of plastic waste from CRT monitors.

Inside of CRT monitor.

Remove gold plating by treatment with acid and heat, and 30 g of gold is taken from about 1 kg of scrapped home appliances.

Copper is mainly taken from the motherboard and discarded.

Disposal household appliances include harmful metals such as mercury and cadmium, which are the cause of pollution.

A mountain of power that was discarded.

Acid treated copper wire.

Sophie Gerrard who took the picture is working in the documentary photography of London in London. On the official website, you can see many other photos besides the above.

Sophie Gerrard Photography

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