A movie capturing the moment when a new two wheel hover board suddenly flames without moving even with Picli

When I tried driving for the first time with two wheels driving with a motor and going forward with "two wheel hover board", YouTuber who encountered an accident that it ignites with a violent momentum rather than moving, I have released a movie that shot a moment.


BuleBritishStephen Leenott who works as YouTuber under the name of "We are doing a ceremony to open a two-wheel hover board purchased on eBay.

First of all, it is necessary to charge it, after the opening ceremony, we charge trial operation after overnight charging.

That's why I got on the hover board the next morning and moved it with the grin.

Leenott seems to have no way to go forward and get off once and check the situation.

When I put my feet on and grinding again, white smoke starts to emerge from the wheel on the left side ......

Suddenly flames as "Boil!" Surprised Mr. Leenott jumps unexpectedly.

The fire burns enough to wrap the entire hover board ......

The flame fell, but smoke still continues to emerge. Leenott seems not to understand "no way ... ....".

Because the smoke does not stop and it is dangerous, I will buck water on the hover board I just bought.

There is no appearance that smoke will fit even if water is applied. I do not know the cause of the fire,The Guardian"I guess that the lithium battery exploded due to internal motor and wiring failure." In addition to YouTube, there are otherA movie that captured the moment when the two wheel hover board ignitedSeveral posts have been posted, and it seems that products with fear of ignition are on the market.

In recent years, cheaply made Chinese made hover boards are flooded in the market, they are forfeited at the port of the UK as having danger and received a warning from the Australian government "not meeting the trade standards" It seems that it is better to pay attention to cheap ones such as made in China. Also, in some parts of the UK and the United States including Japan, running on public roads with two wheel hover board becomes illegal.

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