"Kids' Car" proposed for Japanese Railroad, following "Female-only cars" installment

Following the installation of "ladies' car" to reduce groping in dense clutter on public transportation, some female councilors are now requesting transport minister to adopt "kids' car", for working mothers to take their children to nursery near their office.

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(JP)Female councilors to request "Kids' car" - MSN Sankei News

According to the article, ex defense minister Yuriko Koike and other female councilors of Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito party are now demanding transport minister Kazuyoshi Kaneko to adopt "kids' car" on public transportation.

The number of parents who take their kids to a nursery near their office is increasing. Due to the recession, there are more families with two working parents than before. So there's no choice but to choose nursery near one's office if you consider the emergency situation.

But taking their little children to the city in commuting hours is a nightmare due to a notorious high-dense clutter. It's just murderous. So there are non-negligible number of tax-payers who need kids-and-perents-only cars, where you can sit with your kid or take carriage into the car without annoying someone.

If this is to realize, mothers(and fathers, too) can be able to spend more time with their children and the number of nursery they can choose significantly increase. Minister Kazuyoshi Kaneko showed positive attitude for the plan, but there still remains the problem of costs and spaces.

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