Sony's wholly entering walkman "X series" finally enters the 30,000 yen range

Previously at GIGAZINESony's wholly entering Walkman "X series" has been shipping a marked drop in sales in less than a monthWe informed you, but at last it rushed to the 30,000 - yen level two months ago.

A digital noise canceling function that can cut noise by 98%, a full digital amplifier that realizes music reproduction close to the original sound installed in home theaters, a high-quality 3.0-inch organic EL display that supports touch operation, 1 seg, etc. Although it is a high end Walkman, it seems that it can be obtained much cheaper than the original price.

Details are as below.
Price .com - SONY NW-X1060 Black (32GB) Compare Prices

According to a major price information site "", as of June 17 17:35, the black model of Sony's high-end walkman "NW-X1060" equipped with 32 GB flash memory is sold for 30,900 yen .

Price variation graphIt is like this. The lowest price at the time of release on April 25 was about 45,000 yen, but it has fallen by about 5000 yen in less than 2 months.

According to the price information below, the red model of "NW - X 1060" has fallen to 38,880 yen, and Apple 's eyes that are expected to competeIPod touch 32GB model June 17th 15: 35 Current price of 37,400 yenWe are approaching.

Price .com - SONY NW-X 1060 Red (32GB) Compare Prices

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