A boy who finished with injuries despite hit by a meteorite at a speed exceeding the speed of sound

In Ishikawa Prefecture "Tadpoles fell from anywhereAlthough there is a case that there is an incident called Germany, "It hit the meteorite that fell from outer space, but miraculously it was done only with injury" It is said that an unbelievable incident occurred.

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14-year-old hit by 30,000 mph space meteorite - Telegraph

Meteorite Strikes Teen's Hand; He Survives | Wired Science | Wired.com

A 14 - year - old boy living in Germany, Gerrit Blank said he saw "light ball" heading towards him from the sky on the way home from school. And after the glowing red bean rock hits his hand, it crashed into the ground as it was, making a crater of about 30 cm in diameter under the feet. Fortunately it is said that just having wounded about 8 cm injuries in hand, there is no other thing to life, "When I saw a fireball and felt pain in my hands, it sounded like a thunder and tinnitus for many hours I was blowing off the meteorite but my momentum did not wane and it was enough to snag the ground. "

According to the chemical inspection the stone surely fell from outside the earth. It seems to know that it has a strong magnetic force.

According to experts, meteorite rarely reaches the ground, mostly evaporate in the atmosphere. Even if it remains to the surface of the earth, 6/7 falls into the sea, so it seems to be very valuable.

An example of a direct hit by a meteorite to a human being is that in 1954 a meteorite of grapefruit scale hit the house of the State of Alabama in the United States, hit a woman who was sleeping in bed after hitting the furniture by penetrating the roof.

In addition, there are quite a few examples that fell close to a human without hitting directly,Where the Canadian researchers gathered in 1991According to the observation of 57 cases of near-miss since the beginning of the 20th century, 25 of them saw the human body.

Although it is said that the risk of fire is small even if the meteorite hits directly, since it falls at a speed that goes beyond the bullet of the rifle lightly a meteorite hits a huge hole in 1992 with the car that was parked with the peak skill of New York There was also a case that it could be opened.

A car hit by a meteorite with peak skill. It penetrates neatly from the trunk door to the floor.

I just hope that such a terrible thing will not hit my body, but the woman in Alabama in the previous time sold the meteorite and won 20,000 dollars (about 1.96 million yen), after which the car with the peak skill was given to the researcher As taken over "as a portable crater"It was exhibited at museums and shows around the world and gained popularityIt seems that it can not be said that there is no part of "hit" literally.

Pictures when Peak skill car came to Japan in 2005

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